Finning, Bending, Coiling & Fabricating

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Finned Tube Coils

Unity Tube, Inc. utilizes proprietary techniques developed over many years to form our finned tubes. Our capabilities include but are not limited to Helical Coils, Serpentine Coils, U-Bends, J-Bends & complete custom configurations to fit your envelope.

Heat Exchanger Finned Tubes

Unity Tube offers both Embedded (Above) & L-Foot Finned Tubing (Below) for you Heat Exchanger requirements.

Prime Surface Tube Bending

Unity Tube, Inc. also specializes in Prime Surface Tube Bending through our Precise Tube Forming Division. Utilizing Rotary Draw Mandrel bending techniques we can comfortably handle any quantity, large or small.

Who We Are

Unity Tube, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Helically Wound Finned Tubes, Finned Pipe and Corrugated Metal Tubes for the heat transfer industry. We also manufacture Custom Finned Tube Coils formed to your specifications and Custom Heat Exchangers & Radiators. In our Precise Tube Forming division, we can manufacture a variety of Tube Coils & Assemblies that includes Return Bends, Guide Rails & Handles, Tube End Forming including Ferrules & Tube Inserts as well as Custom Tube Fabrication for a lard number of industries.

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Our facility has a fully operating machine shop with CNC capabilites. We can work with you to design a product to your specifications.