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Root Brazed Finned Tubes

Unity Tubes offers a Root Braze coating on our Edge Tension Finned Tubes. After the finning process is completed, the finned tube is sprayed with a Brazing Alloy and sent through a Continuous Belt Fed Furnace. This creates a supremely durable fin to tube metallurgical bond while allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures. A Brazed Finned Tube works exceptionally well in applications where the tube goes through stages of expansion and contraction due to operational temperature changes.
Brazed Finned Tube Capabilities

Tube Outside Diameters: .250″ – 3.125″
Fin Height: .090 – .750  (Tube Outside Diameter Dependent)
Fins Per Inch: 3 FPI – 24 FPI  (Fin Height Dependent)

We are not limited to these sizes – Contact Us with your custom applications.