Finning, Bending, Coiling & Fabricating

L-Foot Finned Tubes

Unity Tube offers L-Foot Finned Tubing in both similar & dissimilar metals. During the Finning process, the fin strip passes through a series of pre-forming rollers. These rollers manipulate the strip into the shape of an “L”. This fin attachment provides maximum heat transfer due to the “L” covering the base of the tube with no gap between fins. L-Foot Finned Tubes are highly efficient yet cost effective.

L-Foot Finned Tube Capabilities

Tube Outside Diameters: .500″ – 2.00″
Fin Height: .250″ – .750″
Fins Per Inch: 4 FPI – 14 FPI

We are not limited to these sizes – Contact Us with your custom applications.