Finning, Bending, Coiling & Fabricating

Return Bends

Unity Tube can supply tube return bends in 45 degree, 90 degree or 180 degree bends. When specified return bends can be supplied with solder-cups. All of our return bends and tube fabrications are manufactured to the customer’s specifications.

Our manufacturing capabilities include tube bending/coiling, tube forming, flaring, beading, expanding and swedging, machining, brazing and welding. A partial list of the materials we can supply return bends and tube fabrications in would include copper, carbon-steel, stainless-steel, aluminum and brass. At the present time we can bend up to 2-3/4 inch diameter pipe. Depending upon the alloy and wall thickness of your material we have provided bending/coiling services on larger diameter material.


  • U Bends
  • J Bends
  • Custom Forming