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Corrugated Metal Tubes

Unity Tube offers Corrugated Metal Tubing in a wide variety of tube materials. During the corrugation process, the tube material is displaced to form helical grooves along the outside diameter and internal wall of the tube. These helical grooves increase heat transfer immensely compared to equivalent sized prime surface tubing and promote a forced swirl flow path for the media that travels through the tubing. Corrugated Metal Tubes are ideal for fluids of moderate to high viscosity or fluids with entrained solids.

Corrugated Metal Tube Capabilities

Tube Outside Diameters:  .250″ – 3.125″
Corrugation Depth:  -.010 – .030 (Tube Wall Thickness Dependent)
Fins Per Inch:  3 FPI – 7 FPI
Maximum Operating Temperature: Base Properties of The Tube Material

We are not limited to these sizes – Contact us with your custom applications.