Finning, Bending, Coiling & Fabricating

Tube Coils and Assemblies

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The coiling, fabrication, bending, machining, welding, end forming, pressure testing and assembly of ferrous and non-ferrous tubing and pipe are our areas of core-competency. These abilities extend our capability from mechanical tubes and applications through pressure tubes, heat exchangers, waste heat boilers and pipe assemblies

The ability to convert long lengths of tubing without the need for joining fittings for a variety of circulation systems allow tube coils provided by Unity Tube to circulate different gases and/or fluid without taking up large amounts of space.  These products have industry applicability for petrochemical, oil production, heat-tracing, hydraulics, fuel cells, economizers, lasers for industrial, aviation or medical applications, geothermal and flow measurement applications.

As a result of our focus on customer service Unity Tube can deliver prototypes in days and production volume in weeks–depending on the sophistication of your project.  We can supply the necessary certified material and repeatable quality that your require. Our tube bending capabilities are expanding by the secondary operation of assembly and flaring of tubes. Pictured here are samples of tube assemblies.