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Bearing Oil Cooler

Custom Bearing Oil Cooler

Bearing Oil Cooler, including thrust bearing oil coolers and guide bearing oil coolers, for bearings in hydro electric generators can be custom manufactured for new projects, or to replace your faulty existing units.  We can come on site to measure your cooler or you can ship it to us and we can replace it in kind.  When required, we can provide an upgrade to facilitate current conditions.
Bearing oil coolers can be manufactured with our Helically Wound Finned Tubes, normally 90/10 CuNi tubes with copper fins, soldered fin-to-tube attachment, but coolers with bare or prime surface tubes can also be produced.  While 90/10 CuNi tubes are most common, units can also be manufactured with a variety of other tube materials including copper, admiralty brass, numerous types of stainless steel and carbon steel.