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Soldered Finned Tubes

Unity Tube offers two types of Solder Coating on our Edge Tension Finned Tubes. The first type of solder coating is a Tin/Lead Solder Coating. When the Solder Coating Technology is applied to an Edge Tension Finned Tube, it creates a Metallurgical Bond between fin & tube. This allows the finned tube to handle vibration & operational cycling more efficiently. The second type of solder coating is a Pure Tin or “Lead-Free” Solder Coating. This type of solder coating is a viable alternative to Tin/Lead Solder when environmental issues are present.

Solder Finned Tube Capabilities

Tube Outside Diameters: .250″ – 2.125″
Fin Height: .090″ – .750″
Fins Per Inch: 3 FPI – 24 FPI

We are not limited to these sizes – Contact Us with your custom applications.