Finning, Bending, Coiling & Fabricating

Finned Tube Fabrication

Finned Tube Fabrication for integral belled ends, finned pipe support collars and turbulators.
Integral Belled Ends:
Integral belled end tubes are of a one piece construction eliminating failure in two piece construction welded bell end joints. Belled end tubes are required in applications where finned tubes for maintenance purposes must pass through stationary tube sheets. Unity Tube’s integral belled end finned tube eliminates the need for expensive silver brazing of the tube to bell and greatly extends the life of the belled end finned tube beyond that of any mechanically attached belled end.
Finned Pipe Support Collars:
Unity Tube offers several different options to help provide long life and stability to our finned tubing. Support collars can be used in high vibration and long tube length applications. Collars will also reduce wear on fins that can lead to tube failure. Collars offered include cast-zinc, rubber, aluminum/metal band wrap and packed fin. We can also place mid-bare sections with no fins per your specifications. Collars can be placed at any point throughout the length of the tube. Dimensional specifications are closely maintained to ensure proper fit up.
Turbulators are spiral strips that can be easily installed to promote turbulence within the tube and enhance heat transfer of certain viscous fluids. Turbulators are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and nickel alloys.