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Antique Style Finned Tubing

Unity Tube offers a distinct Antique Style Finned Tubing. This type of fin attachment was created out of request to replicate the look of finned tubes from the 1930’s which were used on equipment such as antique tractors & radiators. During the finning process, the fin strip is wound under tension and applied to the tube with extra focus on a “Wavy Fin”. These finned tubes can also be solder coated and have been used to directly replace factory installed finned tubes during restoration of antique equipment.
Antique Style Finned Tubing Capabilities

Tube Outside Diameters: .250″ – 3.125″
Fin Height: .250″ – .500″ (Tube Outside Diameter Dependent)
Fins Per Inch: 3 FPI – 8 FPI (Fin Height Dependent)

We are not limited to these sizes – Contact Us with your custom applications.