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Tube End Forming

tube_end_forming beaded_tube Ferrules_inserts_close

Unity Tube has the ability to provide you with a variety of forms and shapes on tube ends, and also manufacture tube ferrules, or tube inserts for the heat exchanger industry. We can work in a variety of metals, including: carbon steel, stainless, copper, brass and aluminum. A partial list of the forms would include single and double flars, single or multiple beading, swedging, expanding or belled ends, notching and doming. Our capabilities also include machining, welding and silver-brazing.

Focusing on the function of the tubes to be reshaped before selecting an end forming method normally involves reviewing the tooling cost, repeatability, cycle time, set-up time, and process adjustability (to accommodate material variations). Since Unity Tubes makes their own tooling – this shortens lead time, reduces cost, and allows us to provide custom tube end forming services.